How to clean The Knitting Swan bags and pouches

How to clean The Knitting Swan bags and pouches

I have received a few inquiries about how to care for your The Knitting Swan items 💖.

Generally, The Knitting Swan products do not require a lot of upkeep as they are made of durable materials and the craftmanship is stellar. However, if you accidentally drop the bag into a puddle here is what to do:

1. Spot clean is the best way: Use an old toothbrush 🪥 (electric is even better!) and spot-clean with soap or detergent 🫧. Wash off with clean water then leave to dry.

2. If the whole bag is dirty 😨, put it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle, or soak it in something like a powdered laundry booster (in England we use a brand called OXY). Hang outside to dry (under the sun is better!) ☀️.

IMPORTANTLY: Cotton is a wrinkle-prone materials (as opposed to polyester or nylon), so I really recommend a good once-over with a steam iron on Cotton or Linen setting. I use a mid-range Philips iron and it has never let me down! 🥰

Notably, washing machines, detergents, irons, etc. are different from brand to brand, so try out with spot cleaning by hand first.

Generally, The Knitting Swan stuff is very hardwearing, so I think you can be rather carefree to go about your day with our products (don't throw it in a puddle though!) 🥰.

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